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Restoring the lost beauty, freshness and freshness of youth is one of the long-standing dreams of human beings! Over time, people’s beauty undergoes many changes due to various reasons such as aging, decreased skin collagen production, accidents, burns, injuries, and sometimes due to congenital defects, which deprives a person of the pleasure of having an attractive and attractive face. But today, thanks to science and technology and cosmetic surgeries, it is possible to remove facial defects, not to mention many perfectionists who go to cosmetic surgeries without any problems. Facial peeling is one of the safest ways to beautify and rejuvenate.

The first signs of aging and bad and unwanted habits and behaviors appear on the skin of the face. In addition, the health and beauty of facial skin is affected by various factors; Air pollution, rapid weight loss, pregnancy, direct sunlight, and stress can make the skin prone to wrinkles, age spots, dents, bruises, and so on.

Facial skin 68767869879797

The only way to fulfill your desire to regain your youth is to see a cosmetic surgeon. Yes, facelift or facelift is one of the most effective skin rejuvenation methods. Facial facelift is not a major surgery, but it is still best done by a plastic surgeon. One of the best centers for face lifts is Tehran Surgery Center.

Facial peeling has been around in the United States since the mid-20th century and soon became one of the most popular surgeries in the world due to its desired results. One of the great features of this cosmetic operation is the noticeable change of the face two weeks after the facelift. The freshness and beauty of 10 to 20 years in this operation is quite possible.

Undoubtedly, there are some tips on how to remove facial skin surgery that you should know before attempting to do so. The opinion of Dr. Dehghan, the best plastic surgeon in Tehran, regarding the points that should be done before performing a face lift, we will tell you below, so that if a face lift is a suitable option for you, you can give yourself a gift of youth and symptoms and Say goodbye to the signs of aging forever.

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What is a facelift?

A facial rejuvenation surgery called a rhytidectomy is called a facelift. As mentioned above, aging causes sagging facial skin and wrinkles on the sides of the lips, under the eyelids, the distance between the cheeks to the neck and.. Of course, other factors such as environmental factors, poor nutrition and wrong lifestyle and. .. Also, in addition to aging, they cause sagging and damage to the skin.

To create a young and fresh face, the skin should be pulled up and the corners of the face and the extra parts should be cut. In face-pulling, small incisions are made under the hair, from the temples to the top of the ear, in front of the eardrum, and also under the ear to near the back of the head. The facial skin, tissues and muscles beneath it are then separated from the facial bone. The skin is then stretched until the wrinkles on the face and cheeks are removed. In this operation, excess fat tissue under the skin is also removed. After removing the extra parts of the skin, the gap is closed with the help of sutures.

After the recovery period is over, the skin and tissues beneath it rejoin the facial bone and become firm and firm. And the result is a young, attractive and fresh face without the slightest wrinkles and sagging.

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By applying the face, the following parts are clearly smoothed and look better :

Hanging and loose jaw that causes the jaw line to disappear and not have a clear border with the neck.

Disappearance of chin caused by sagging neck skin.

The vertical bands or strands that form in the neck disappear.

Fold the corners of the lips to the sides of the nose.

Lines from the lips to the chin.

Suitable candidates for facelift

There is no age limit for cosmetic lift surgery and it is suitable for men and women of different ages who are in good physical health. People with chronic diseases that may interfere with wound healing are not suitable for this procedure. Smokers should not smoke until three months before the facelift, and if you have diabetes or high blood pressure you should consult a doctor first, and if surgery is not at high risk for you, surgery by The surgeon will be able to do it.

The rest of the people who want to have a fresh and lively face, can without the slightest doubt reflect their lost youth in their new face. Should be mentioned; People who have reasonable expectations from face lift surgery will be more satisfied with their cosmetic surgery. 


Other cosmetic procedures that can be performed simultaneously with facial skin removal surgery for ideal results:

Eyelid surgery that corrects drooping upper eyelids and eyebrows and puffiness under the eyes

Eyebrow and forehead lift surgery

Exfoliation for skin rejuvenation and cosmetic lasers

Facial prostheses such as cheek, lip and chin prostheses

Inject gel to highlight and volume the facial components

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