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Ears are one of the most influential components of beauty. Some people have special sensitivities on every part of their face, and the ears are no exception. Their size, the shape of the ears, the asymmetry, the unusual and excessive protrusion of both ears or one of them, and many other problems that some people have. But fortunately, thanks to medical science, ear defects can be corrected like other cosmetic defects. Autoplasty (ear cosmetic surgery) is the simplest and most effective method that responds to people who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their ears.

autoplasty 54879879879789

What is autoplasty?

Reasons for cosmetic ear surgery

• Preparation for cosmetic ear surgery (autoplasty)

• Preparation before autoplasty

• During autoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery)

• Care after autoplasty

• The best ear cosmetic surgeon in Tehran

• The benefits of autoplasty

• The cost of ear autoplasty

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° Dr. Vahid Dehghan

What is autoplasty?

Autoplasty, or cosmetic ear surgery, is a procedure to change the shape, size, position, and appearance of the ear. Cosmetic ear surgery is usually performed to create symmetry, preferably on both ears. Congenital ear defects that need to be corrected can be done from the age of 5 when the ears have reached sufficient and complete growth, but in emergencies and emergencies can be He did this in his early three years.

Autoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery) does not damage the person’s hearing and also does not change the location of the ear. Of course, all this depends on the fact that this surgery is performed in reputable centers by a reliable and experienced surgeon. So do not be fooled by cyberspace ads and go ahead with research and inquiries.

Reasons for cosmetic ear surgery

°Autoplasty may be performed for the following reasons:

• The ears are larger than the head

• Placing the ears longer than the head

°Dissatisfaction with previous cosmetic surgery

°Unusual protrusions of the earlobe

°Asymmetry of the ears

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Preparing for cosmetic ear surgery (autoplasty)

°The first step to ear cosmetic surgery is to consult a plastic and facial surgeon. At the first appointment, the surgeon will advise you on the following:

°Your medical history is the first question you will be asked. History of ear infections, medications you have recently or currently taken, and surgeries you have had.

°The position, size, shape and symmetry of your ears will be examined by a surgeon to determine surgical options.

• You should explain to your surgeon why you are having an ear cosmetic surgeon and what you expect from your postoperative appearance, and make sure you understand the potential risks.

Preparation before autoplasty

Before performing cosmetic ear surgery, you need to consider the following:

°If you are a smoker, you should avoid smoking before surgery and during your recovery; This is definitely what your surgeon wants you to do because smoking reduces blood flow to the skin and delays the healing process.

• Aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements that cause bleeding should not be taken before cosmetic surgery.

°It is best to seek help for recovery the first night in the hospital before having surgery with a family member or friend you are comfortable with.

During autoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery)

The autoplasty technique is selected by the surgeon based on the type of correction required. In most cases, an incision is made behind the ear, or in rare cases, inside the ear. After making the incision, the surgeon may remove the extra cartilage and skin, then position the cartilage and hold it in place with internal sutures. Additional stitches are used to close the incision. The duration of this surgery is usually about two hours.

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Care after autoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery)

Ear bandages after surgery may be a little annoying and itchy. To avoid pressure on the ears, try not to lie on your side, manipulating the surgical site separately. Use button-down shirts or loose-fitting collars so that they do not move or damage the surgical site during replacement. Take the medication prescribed by your doctor regularly and as directed. Put two or three pillows under your head while sleeping and avoid eating foods that are high in spices.

A few days after cosmetic ear surgery, the bandages should be opened by a cosmetic surgeon. You will probably see swelling and redness in your ears, which is nothing to worry about because this swelling will gradually disappear after the stitches are removed.

Benefits of performing autoplasty

• This type of cosmetic surgery is the booklet of the least risky surgeries and is very safe

• Does not endanger the person’s life.

• Fixes ear defects and defects well.

• Like all cosmetic procedures, it increases people’s self-confidence.

• Prevents people from being ridiculed, especially children.

• Improves a person’s mental and emotional state by achieving a beautiful appearance.

The cost of ear autoplasty

Ear surgery or autoplasty comes at a cost because it not only gives the person natural beauty and attractiveness, but also improves ear function. For information on the exact costs of meat cosmetic surgery, you can refer to Dr. Vahid Dehghan’s office.

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