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Cheek implants or prostheses are among the most popular cosmetic procedures among people, especially women, which eliminate the defects in the cheeks and cheek bones. It is worth noting that by implanting the cheeks, you can prevent dents, loosening and wrinkles of the cheeks that occur due to aging. One of the unique benefits of this cosmetic procedure is that people who have congenital defects on their cheeks can easily get rid of them by implanting cheeks.

Most people are terrified of the operation and its consequences, but it is interesting to know that if you do this by an expert orthopedic surgeon, there is nothing to worry about. Dr. Vahid Dehghan is one of the best oral and maxillofacial plastic surgeons at the Tehran Surgical Center, who helps to make your cheeks and face more beautiful with full compassion and observing all aspects. Join us to introduce you to the implant and prosthesis of the cheek and its benefits.

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What is cheek implantation?

The act of increasing the volume, highlighting or prosthesis is called cheek implantation. Cheek implants basically help to make the cheekbones more beautiful and the face more attractive. As you know, women love beauty and seek to be the best in society. In the meantime, sometimes some people lose some of their beauty for reasons such as congenital problems or accidents. Cheek implants can balance your facial organs.

How to do species planting

The best plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Tehran perform this operation by creating a gap above the upper gum line and inside the mouth and placing the prosthetic material inside the created gap. If a person is not satisfied with his cheek model after years, he can easily remove it by seeing a doctor.

Benefits of Cheek Prosthetics

1- Having beautiful and prominent cheeks, note that people in order to make their cheeks look bigger, they basically overeat, which leads to obesity of their other organs, but the act of cheek implantation without any obesity. It brings beauty to the person.

2- Cheek implantation is a simple and fast operation and has permanent results.

3- Loosening of the cheeks, sagging, indentation and indentation of the cheeks can be easily removed with this operation.

4- If the bones of the cheek are damaged, it can be easily removed with a cheek prosthesis.

5 – This action helps to solve congenital problems in the species such as asymmetry of the species or their lack of smoothness.

6- Creating a balance between the face and its components.

7- If a person is sensitive to the gels that are injected into the cheeks, he can easily get rid of the injected gels by performing a cheek implant.


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 Tips that should be considered before and after planting the species

1- You can consult your doctor and if you want natural cheeks, ask him to use a type of prosthesis that gives a natural shape to your cheeks.

Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about the desired size of your cheeks.

3- Smoking is prohibited for up to 3 weeks before this cosmetic operation and up to 2 weeks after the wounds heal completely.

Avoid taking painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin for up to two weeks before and after surgery.

5 – After cheek implantation for 4 weeks to avoid strenuous exercise and up to 6 weeks to avoid contact exercise.

6- Soft foods should be eaten for seven days after planting the species. Be sure to rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash after each meal.

7- Two to three weeks after planting, the swelling is normal. The final result is visible 6 to 12 weeks after the operation.

Cheek implantation  1584184848574874Types of prostheses and cheek implants

1- Silicone prostheses: The first prostheses were made of solid silicone. This prosthesis is very durable and completely safe. Today, hard polyethylenes have replaced silicone prostheses and are primarily attached to the facial bone.

2- Hydroxyapatite prostheses: This type of prosthesis has the chemical structure of bone and is fully compatible with the body. This type of prosthesis does not have the stiffness of silicone prosthesis tissues.

3- Autograft: Some plastic surgeons in Tehran use human tissue for cheek implants with different functions. In this way, a very thin and narrow strip of tissue is prepared and inserted into the face after preparation. One of the advantages of this method is the use of natural materials (body tissue) that the body easily accepts. This method, because it contains natural substances, the body does not reject it in any way.

4- Fat: Sometimes body fat is used as a prosthesis. This fat can be collected from different parts of the body using liposuction.

5- Allograft: In this method, the skin donated by another person is used.


Today, many young people and women are looking for this so that if they have imperfections on their face, they can easily fix it. Cheek implantation is one of the ways that has attracted many applicants. You can have a beautiful and refreshing face by examining and recognizing reputable cosmetic surgeons

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