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Human appearance has a significant share in the level of acceptance and acceptance by people and society. Humans create a mentality for their audience based on their appearance before they speak, and this mentality is especially important in important decisions by the person himself as well as by the decision-making audience. Certainly, Haransani has had the experience that at some point in time he has failed to compete with another person and he has considered the reason for his failure to be his lack of beauty and the decision maker’s attention to the opponent is more beautiful. But this issue does not end in failure, and the person gradually distances himself from society due to dissatisfaction with his appearance and suffers from various disorders and mental illnesses that overshadow his life, and the person himself only because of his lack of physical beauty. Deprives them of the right to life and social activity freely. Chin and jaw surgery has come to the aid of these people to eliminate this congenital defect.


Chin and jaw 156841984189


Today, with dramatic advances in medicine, this problem can be easily treated. People who suffer from imbalance and coordination of their limbs (nose, chin, chin) can easily refer to the best beauty specialist and be treated. People who are not satisfied with the composition and coordination of their teeth due to upper and lower jaw disorders. They can be treated and solve their problem through orthodontics. But if the jaw has acute problems, jaw surgery is necessary.

Unfortunately, there are many people who suffer from this problem but are not treated due to lack of knowledge about the surgical process and treatment and unnecessary fears. In this article, we have tried to provide you with a very transparent and clear everything that is needed about surgery and creating more coordination in the composition of facial organs, dear ones.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is performed with the aim of correcting minor and major skeletal and dental abnormalities, including misalignment of the jaw and teeth. This surgery improves the function of the jaw joints (for example, chewing, talking and breathing). However, what is obvious is the cosmetic effect of this operation and the greater the person’s satisfaction with his face and the greater his self-confidence. Is.

Suitable age for maxillofacial surgery

The appropriate age for jaw surgery is 18 to 25 years old because at this age the jaw growth reaches its final stage and stops. Facial changes by jaw surgery should also be performed at the same age as the person has reached puberty.

Types of jaw surgery

  • Correction of jaw protrusion
  • Correction of jaw retraction
  • Cosmetic surgery of the chin
  • Upper jaw height surgery

Does maxillofacial surgery have any side effects?

Bleeding: Minor bleeding after jaw surgery is normal and you may bleed your nose one to two weeks after jaw surgery.

Infection: In all surgeries, there is a possibility of infection, so you will be given antibiotics both during and after surgery, which can be easily treated if an infection is to occur.

Anesthesia: After jaw surgery, you will experience numbness in the areas around the jaw. If the upper jaw is operated, the upper teeth will be numb, and if the lower jaw is operated, the lower lip and chin will be numb, which will improve over time.

Nasal congestion: Nasal congestion can be caused by tubes that are inserted into the nostrils during surgery or it can occur after maxillary surgery.

Weight loss: Early in the postoperative period, weight loss of up to 2.5 kg is predicted. In most cases, weight loss is due to decreased appetite. After the first week, your appetite should improve enough to make up for the weight you have lost.

Jaw and chin stiffness: Jaw joints will be stiff for several months. The best exercise to overcome joint stiffness is normal jaw activities such as chewing.


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 Necessary care after jaw surgery

It is recommended that the patient have complete rest after jaw surgery.

Avoid eating hard and chewy foods.

After 6 to 8 weeks, normal foods can be consumed.

Smoking is prohibited.

Avoid any heavy activities.

Take medications prescribed by your doctor on time.

Use a solution of water and salt for washing and disinfection.

Avoid brushing for a day.

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Cost of jaw surgery

The cost of jaw surgery depends on many factors. In fact, several factors such as the location of surgery, the skill of the surgeon, the severity of jaw disorders, the cost of anesthesia and prescribed medications determine the final cost to the patient. In addition, the reason for the surgery, which can be medical or cosmetic, affects the patient’s insurance coverage. Note that if you want to know more about the cost of jaw surgery, you must see a doctor to be examined, the doctor after the examination and check your condition can give you detailed information.

Because cosmetic surgery is a very sensitive issue, it is very important that you see a specialist doctor to perform the operation and undergo completely hygienic and medical procedures. Tehran Jarahi Center, with the best plastic surgeons in Tehran, is one of the most reputable and reliable centers for maxillofacial surgery.

Make sure your oral and maxillofacial surgeon explains all the options for treating or correcting your condition, as well as the pros and cons of each. Make sure you have a brief overview of your surgeon’s diagnosis and treatment plan and how long it will take to complete your work.


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