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Unrivaled criteria of facial beauty; It is a species. Undoubtedly, beautiful and attractive faces have prominent cheeks! The prominent cheek creates a cheerful and refreshing face and has a surprising effect on showing off the beauty of a smile. But some of us are deprived of this God-given blessing, which is why we are looking for ways to achieve the beauty we want. Facial prosthesis is one of these methods.


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 Facial beauty with cheek prosthesis

Placing a prosthesis on the face is one of the types of cosmetic surgery that is not temporary like fat, gels and other fillers and is in fact a permanent method of highlighting the cheeks. The amazing effect of this method, which doubles the beauty of the face, has caused many people to go to the best cosmetic surgeons to do it. Most people who apply for this cosmetic procedure are thin due to the lack of bulky tissue in the cheek area. It goes without saying that this method of prosthesis is also used in other parts such as the jaw line and chin.

The prosthesis has a softer texture than bone and is made of silicone. Soft silicone is the most widely used type of prosthesis in the world. Of course, there are different types of prostheses that can be selected according to the conditions and request of the applicant, which can have a soft or hard texture. Some of these prostheses can even be removed later.

The youthful face created by this method is the reason for the popularity of this type of cheek prosthesis.

The method of cheek prosthesis surgery is that usually an incision is made inside the mouth, in the space between the gums and the lip, the upper part of the canine tooth is about two centimeters, then the surgery is performed on the cheek bone. Some surgeons do this by making a thin incision under the eyelid and inserting the prosthesis by making an incision. In this method, you can go with a double arrow; If you have drooping eyelids, you can do these operations at the same time; In this procedure, the surgeon uses the same incision made in Blepharo plastic surgery (eyelid surgery) to place a cheek prosthesis.

To place the prosthesis in the sensory nerve type, the area is separated and a space the size of the prosthesis is created so that the prosthesis is placed at the designated point and fixed with screws, this method prevents the prosthesis from moving. Otherwise, if the prosthesis is placed under a muscle, it is not possible to move the prosthesis away from the mind with muscle contractions.


Facial prosthesis 4198489186541651485


 Is the cheek prosthesis durable?

Cheek prosthesis, as mentioned, is not as temporary as fats, gels and other fillers, and is actually a permanent method of highlighting the cheeks. In cheek prosthesis surgery, the prosthesis is twisted into the jawbone for stability and never moves, and is actually part of your bone. Also, one of the unique features of this method of cosmetic surgery is that you can remove it if you are not satisfied.

 Who is the right cheek prosthesis?

Cheek prosthesis is often recommended for people with thin and elongated face. People who have sunken eyes have more dimples with cheek prosthesis surgery and they will undoubtedly be dissatisfied with this operation, so if you have large and outward eyes, cheek prosthesis is suitable for you.

Facial fat is a type that is not reversible if melted. This fat will never come back if you gain weight. In fact, obesity does not help to re-highlight the cheeks because the face is the only part of the body that is filled in the last stage after obesity of the whole body, and since obesity There are not many beauty criteria booklets and it is also harmful to health. Cheek prostheses and cheek implants are the most effective methods in beautifying the face of people. Be. However, they may suffer from wear and tear on their cheeks due to accidents or mishaps. The prominentness of the cheeks will have a great impact on the beauty of the face, which is why many people today are looking for prosthetics or cheek implants. Cheek prosthesis is suitable for people who have smooth cheeks and are looking for more beauty.

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 Possibility to perform several surgeries together

If you are planning to have blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, or even a face or eyebrow lift, you can ask your surgeon to use a cut-out to highlight your cheeks with a cheek prosthesis.

Cost of cheek prosthesis

This delicate surgery is highly sensitive due to the symmetry and proportion it creates in the face. If you are looking to achieve the desired result, look for the best maxillofacial surgeon. The difference between the cost of a cheek prosthesis performed by a conventional surgeon and a skilled and experienced surgeon is not far-fetched.

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