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Fat Injection ; Recovery of lost volume and shape of face and body, skin rejuvenation in the best beauty center in Tehran

Decreased facial volume and loss of its original and beautiful form and other muscle tissues of the body are signs of aging and signs of aging. Fat pads in different parts of the body degenerate with age, causing and increasing the depth of wrinkles, and they take on a completely bony and ugly appearance.

There are many ways to rejuvenate the skin, compensate for lost volume, shape and wrinkle. One of the most effective methods that has been well received in recent years is fat injection, which is one of the most effective methods of volume and skin rejuvenation.


Fat injection 14874854854184185


What is fat injection?

Using fat as a filler is a method of rejuvenation in injections. Fillers, which are the same as skin volumizers, are a group of injectable materials that are inserted into a layer of skin and cause skin rejuvenation and volume. Fillers in Iran are more commonly known as gel injections, but in fact fillers have different types and gels are just one of the types of fillers that can be used.

Injectable fat in this method is the fat of the body itself. In this method, body tissues do not react badly to injected fats and its effects are longer lasting. The side effects of fat are very small and limited if the principles of treatment are observed.

The right time and age for fat injection

  • If part of your face has shrunk and sunken, you are a good candidate for an injection
  • If you want to improve the superficial curves of your face and body, remove scars and sores and rejuvenate your hands or face.
  • If you want to increase the shelf life of your rejuvenation method compared to temporary gels or fillers.


Advantages and Disadvantages

Fat is one of the least expensive methods of rejuvenation, so the list of disadvantages is very short and instead has a long list of high benefits, but here are three of them, each of which is the most important; We are satisfied.


  • In fat injection, no foreign matter enters the body because the person’s own body fat is used, which also reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions to the foreign substance.
  • Long shelf life, safety and naturalness
  • A minimally invasive method with the least risk and effective in rejuvenation
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°Preparing and extracting body fat for injections takes more time than injecting a gel in which the injections are pre-prepared.

°It is true that the results of fat injections are more durable than gel injections; But it also costs more.

Are you a good candidate for an injection?

Facial (including lips), sagging skin (after liposuction or scarring) as well as volume are the most common sites of fat injection. And to do this, there must be enough fat in your body to be able to transfer the fat from one donor area to another.

People can use fat injections for rejuvenation who do not have circulatory system diseases, are in good general health, and have reasonable, wise, and positive expectations.

Fat applications

Injection: Laughter lines, frown lines, horizontal forehead lines or crow’s feet lines (around the eyes), age-related dimples or pits caused by acne and pimples are completely removed by fat injection. Increasing the volume of the lips, contouring the jaw line and eliminating the retraction of the chin and… are other benefits of using fat injection.

The fat needed to be injected from the abdomen, thighs or other parts of the body is usually extracted by liposuction and after preparation is injected into the desired parts.

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Injection steps

Liposuction: The surgeon, with your consent, identifies the fat extraction sites and uses local anesthesia to anesthetize the fat extraction area. He then makes a small incision in that area and uses a liposuction machine to extract the desired amount of fat.

Purification and transfer: The fat extracted from specific locations is transferred to a centrifuge. This device uses the centrifugal feature to separate the impurities in the extracted fat. The prepared fat is drawn in special small syringes to prepare for the placement step.

Placement: Before the injection, the desired sites for injection are marked. The surgeon inserts a special syringe into the desired sections that have special surgical techniques. The injection needle is usually inserted into and out of the skin several times, with a small amount of fat being injected each time. At each injection, a line of fat is placed in the underlying layers of the skin to form a network of these lines in the desired layer.

The injection process is repeated several times to achieve the desired result.

The injection does not cause any scar or scar, except for the incision made for liposuction, which is very small and faint.

The cost of fat injection

Fat injection Due to the extraction and preparation of fat, which requires high expertise and time, as well as the duration of the effects of fat injection depends to a large extent on surgical techniques and surgeon skills. Obviously, the more skilled the surgeon, the higher the cost of facial fat injections.

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