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The lips are young pink, full, juicy and beautiful. But all these lovely features lose their elasticity when the skin of the face begins to loosen, and we will see the borders of the lips disappear. Lip lift is one of the most popular surgeries used to restore these beauties.

As the skin ages and the facial muscles relax, the lips become more distant from the nose in addition to thinning. These two changes in composition together make the face look older. Lip augmentation surgery can eliminate both of these problems at the same time and rejuvenate the face while maintaining its natural appearance.


Lip and face lift 169419684191

How to do a lip lift

This operation is performed in a clinic under local and outpatient anesthesia and is one of the least dangerous cosmetic surgeries. But in some cases, the person becomes unconscious at will. In this surgery, a small part of the skin is removed and the lips are pulled upwards. In this cosmetic procedure, no muscles or nerves are cut.

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Types of lip and face lifts

This surgery is performed according to the needs of clients in several ways that the person should choose the best and most appropriate method for lip lift according to their needs and using the advice of skilled and knowledgeable specialists in reputable beauty centers. In this text, we try to acquaint you with different types of lip and face lifts.

1- Direct lip lift or lifting lift

In this surgery, the doctor lifts part of the skin and gives the lips a full, pink appearance. As a result of this surgery, a small and delicate wound is created on the upper lip.

2- Lip lift through incision under the nose

In this surgery, an incision is made under the nose. The surgeon pulls the upper, central, right and left lips up. This method is one of the most popular methods because it leaves less wound effect.

  1. Italian lip lift

In this surgery, a large incision in the shape of a cow’s horn and two small incisions are made under the nostrils. This method is usually welcomed by those who want more elegance and less scarring.

  1. Lip corner lift

In this procedure, the surgeon removes a small part of the skin and tilts the corners of the lips upwards. It can usually be said that this surgery is more recommended for those who suffer from sagging face.

  1. Central lip lift

In this lift, the doctor makes a small incision under the lip and tilts the lip upwards.

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Complications of lip lift

Naturally, every cosmetic surgery has complications, and lip and face lifts are no exception to this rule. After surgery, the patient experiences complications such as infection and abnormal hydration of the wound. It is not bad to know that by choosing a carbald doctor with a history, we can prevent these complications to a large extent. We can also consult with those who have had these cosmetic surgeries before. We suggest that you visit the Tehran Surgery Center before making any decision and learn from the experiences of the best plastic and cosmetic doctor; Use Dr. Dehghan, who is one of the most skilled plastic surgeons in Tehran.


Patient recovery

A person can see a doctor after five days to have the stitches removed. Recovery after a variety of lifts usually lasts five to seven days. In most cases, a person experiences severe swelling above their lips up to seventy-two hours after surgery. In this case, doctors recommend using ice packs to control these swellings. In some cases, the person is struggling with pain that can be relieved by using painkillers prescribed by the surgeon in specific doses and on time.

What should we pay attention to after the lift?

After surgery, the person may experience nausea or dizziness due to anesthesia, which is very normal and the person can use natural fruit juices to relieve this condition. One should be very careful not to eat solid foods at all for a week after surgery and to avoid drinking hot drinks.

Face lift and its types

Lip and face lift is another method of skin rejuvenation that has a great effect on slowing down the aging process of the skin and is one of the methods that can eliminate facial wrinkles even in old age. Facelift is usually done in two ways:

1- Lift the lips and face with thread

2- Stimulation of collagen

An important point in face lift is that this surgery, despite having very effective results in beautifying and rejuvenating the face, has a high risk and a very long recovery period. We should also pay attention to the fact that we have reasonable expectations from all cosmetic surgeries, especially from the face lift, and we should know that the longevity of the same condition after the lift depends on factors such as age, and the lift is less durable in old age. The lifespan of lift surgery is five to ten years, and lift with absorbent sutures usually lasts one or two years, and those who use this method need to do the lift again to maintain the results. Needless to say, the thread lift is expected to be a bit painful.


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