Eyelid cosmetic surgery 504894998099Eyelid cosmetic surgery 498494949494151

Eyelid cosmetic surgery

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nose plastic surgery 64094949nose plastic surgery 635041955498494


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Cheek implantation 0565404949Cheek implantation 654094984894094

Chin and jaw surgery

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Facial prosthesis 040848904904Facial prosthesis 65487494984949

Facial prostheses

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Facial skin removal surgery 30498494094Facial skin removal surgery 6409498494949

Facial skin removal service

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Gel and Botox injections 0489408940894Gel and Botox injections 65498494949

Injection of gel and Botox

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Cleft lip and palate surgery 084986048949489Cleft lip and palate surgery 6049849489849

Lip cleft surgery

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oto plasti 06498949oto plasti 60498494949

Ear cosmetic surgery

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Iran is the capital of plastic surgery

Why is Iran called the capital of plastic surgery?

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  • Has professional professionals worldwide
  • The most risky plastic surgeries
  • Very low surgery costs compared to other countries
  • Perform the best and most beautiful plastic surgeries
  • Iran is a country with tourist attractions
  • The best equipped private hospitals
  • Use of the latest medical equipment
  • Use the best raw materials

Dr. Dehghan

About Dr. Dehghan

Present a short biography about Dr. Dehghan and his educational and work background. Dr. Vahid Dehghan was born in Tehran. After passing the introductory course in Tehran, he entered the medical field by participating in the national entrance exam with a double-digit rank, and as a model student, he completed the general doctoral course with an excellent rank, and by participating in the specialty exam and obtaining an excellent result directly They entered the course of maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Vahid Dehghan performed several surgeries in various fields of maxillofacial surgery during the course of specialization and finally completed this course by participating in the specialized board exam. After that, they served and educated students at the University of Medical Sciences for 4 years as a faculty member. She is currently serving cosmetologists in the field of face and nose cosmetics in Saadatabad area of ​​Tehran.

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Low cost


Quality of raw materials and medical equipment


Your support and support in the post-surgery period

Postoperative customer satisfaction


Why should we choose IranPlastic Surgery

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Free consultation

Free consultation

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Convenient transfer

Convenient transfer

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Hotel reservation

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Tehran Surgery is under the supervision of maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Vahid Dehghan and with more than 1000 successful surgeries has been able to obtain the satisfaction of clients and during these years we have tried to provide the best services to you.

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